Costs & financial Aid

Scholarships stipends and other concession

Following scholarships are granted by the state and central government to the students.
(I) University merit scholarship
(ii) Merit scholarship
(iii) Political sufferer
(iv) Non Hindi speaking States
(v) Sports merit scholarship
(vi) Lower income group
(vii) Post matric scholarship
(viii) Scheduled caste /Tribe /Backward classes scholarships.

Important note

  1. Students belonging to S.C./ S.T./B.C. will be given scholarship if they furnish necessary documents by due date.
    2. Half fee concession to the extent of 10% of the total strength in each class is granted on poverty-cum merit basis.
    3. Application for the concession on the prescribed form may be submitted to the college office on and within the dates notified by principal.
    4. All the concession is subject to regulatory in class progress in studies and good behavior of the students.
    5. Concession stipends can be withdrawn if a student fails in house examination for on grounds of misconduct.
    6. The students who are not granted fee concession at the time of admission but shown creditable result in the September house examination can apply a fresh at the proper time.
    7. If a student leaves are migrates from the college he will have to refund the full amount of concession

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