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M.Sc.(Computer Science)

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MCS  102         Advanced Computer Architecture                   

MCS  103         Network Design & Performance Analysis      

MCS  104       Discrete Structures                                                

MCS  105        Soft Computing                                                   

MCS  106       Programming Laboratory -1  (Based on Advanced Data Structure)        

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MCS  201    Theory of Computation

MCS  202    Image Processing

MCS  203   Design & Analysis of Algorithms

MCS  204    Cloud Computing

MCS  205    Distributed Database Systems

Mcs-206   Programming Laboratory-II (Design & Analysis of Algorithm and Distributed Database System)

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MCS 301        Advanced Software Engineering

MCS 302       System Software

MCS 303       Data Mining and Warehousing

MCS 304         Concept of core and Advanced Java

MCS 305        Network Programming

MCS 306        Programming lab –III (Based on advanced Java and network Programming.

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MCS  401         Advanced Web Technologies

MCS 402          Microprocessor and its Microprocessor

MCS  403        Object Oriented Modelling , Analysis and Design

MCS 404P        Programming Lab-IV (Based on advanced web technologies using ASP.NET)

MCS 405P        Project Work

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